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Someone’s a little too… Patriotic?

Would you be a little scared if you saw this behind you on the road? I sure would be. While I am American and have pride in my country, this souped-up Ford Ranger is a little ridiculous…

WTF Limos

This extended Cadillac Escalade [that can be nearly called a “dualie” for its two sets of rear wheels] and this extended ZEBRA STRIPED Hummer H2 serve to be the most outrageous limousines spotted to date…

Honda’s New Smart Car

The steering wheel on this bicycle definitely completes the look. This vehicle is sure to be a top seller!

“Fart Mufflers,” They’re Everywhere

When will people stop attempting to compensate for their #HOOPTY by installing loud, obnoxious mufflers that sound like somebody is ripping a$#.

What the.. Smurf?

This “smurfette” should really take a look at what she’s driving before saying it’s “hot”…


In essence of today’s many online gamers, the owner of this Saab needs to “L2Park,” or Learn-To-Park.

Jesus Loves You, but…

Make sure to use protection… #TROJAN MAGNUM

The More Colorful Your Paint the Better… #3

Some may consider teal on this car a thing of beauty, but in reality, it’s DEFINITELY a hoopty!

Poor G35… Got Rice?

It’s a shame to see cars with such potential for beauty like this one, be devastated by one thing… A HUGE, UNNECESSARY SPOILER!

The More Colorful Your Paint the Better… #2

Lesson #1: Don’t paint your car an outrageous color if that same car has bullet holes/gun shot wounds in the body (notice especially the bumper but otherwise ALL OVER) and/or you cannot keep up with maintenance (notice the differently painted mirrors).

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