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The Duller Your Paint the Better… #2


By the looks of it, this trunk was so overstuffed that it had to be duct-taped shut. There probably isn’t a body in this trunk, but then again, there probably is.

“How do you like my new window trim? I modded it myself.”

Is that… Mickey?

Is the driver of this mysterious van just a Mickey Mouse fan, or something far more scarier? By the looks of it, I think it’d be safe to say probably something more towards the second option.

Vampire Slayer or Handyman?

It would not be surprising if that wooden stake was used for other things than securing the door of this guy’s car shut. Could it be…?


Considering this zebra-striped rover was spotted just off a beach in South Florida, I assume he is selling tours through the treacherous jungles of SFL. There are TONS of wild animals. No, really.

The More Colorful Your Paint the Better…

It’s probably time for “CUSTOM” two-tone fade paint jobs to go out of style. Then again, if people knew they were out of style, how could we find amusing vehicles like this one?

I Don’t Think That’s a Truck… ♥

This guy loves trucks SO MUCH that he doesn’t even drive one…

The Duller Your Paint the Better…

It must’ve taken this fellow many cans of spray paint to achieve this MAGNIFICENT paint job. Notice the custom grill that required the bumper to be custom fit, or is it just not fitting? You decide.

Wanna Watch a Movie? Tickets Please.

Deployable seating arrangements ARE available, but don’t expect to be comfortable…

At least when you’re not laughing at the absurdity of this ride, you’re smiling!

Bugatti Veyron Replica #HOOPTY

It turns out (as revealed by a sheet on the windshield) that this “Bugatti,” which is supposed to be a $1.8 million car, is actually a custom fabricated shell sitting on the frame of a domestically-made vehicle made many years ago. What makes it a hoopty is the fact that under the hood, it has a six cylinder engine, which is a HUGE KNOCKOFF from the ACTUAL Bugatti’s 16 cylinder engine. By the way, the price tag on this pile was $65,000. Would you pay that?

Our First Hoopty!

You know you’re in need of a new car when… you had to replace your bumper with a 2 x 4 piece of wood that you also painted brown and covered in reflectors.

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